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Community Supported Agriculture

Note: This signup page is only for people who do not yet have an account on the Online Member Center. If you have an Online Member Center account (which you do if you are a Weavers Way member or were a CSA shareholder last year), please login first.

Thanks for your interest in purchasing a share of the 2014 season of the CSA. Keep in mind that your share is not officially reserved for you until we receive a deposit. This farm is a partnership between Weavers Way Co-op, Weavers Way Community Programs, Saul High School of Agriculture, and Philadelphia Parks and Recreation.

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. It's a method of food distribution that directly links farmers and local community members, letting both share in the natural risks and rewards of farming.

But we are more than just a CSA -- we grow food for the community, while also providing educational opportunities for Saul High School students. Located on the campus of the W.B. Saul High School for Agricultural Sciences, the farm is managed by Weavers Way staff in collaboration with Saul students and teachers. Weavers Way Community Program's farm educator provides comprehensive farm education through curriculum-based lessons and hands-on farming experience, teaching students about small scale, sustainable vegetable production and distribution. This CSA is also unique in that all your vegetables are grown at the Weavers Way Farms, we do not buy in vegetables from other farms. By buying a share in this farm, you are supporting agricultural education while sharing the risks and benefits of small scale, local agriculture.

  • A nonrefundable deposit reserves your share. Deposits are $100.
  • The full payment is due by the first CSA pick-up (unless you sign up for staggered payments). You can pay online with a credit card or with EBT over the phone.
  • If you are splitting a share, please submit one form and payments under one name.
  • We expect our season to be 24 weeks long (late May through October), but is this is dependent on weather and growing conditions. Currently, our season has already begun and there are now 17 weeks remaining in it. Prices for large and small shares are pro-rated accordingly.

Buying a CSA share and being a Weavers Way Co-op member are separate but related. You can be a working CSA shareholder, and receive 5% off on your share. You can also be a working Co-op member and receive 5% on purchases in the stores. The same work hours can count toward both discounts. If you would like to move your Weavers Way Co-op work cycle to the summer in order to work on the farm, or learn more about becoming a Weavers Way Co-op member, please email your request to our Membership Coordinator at

Household & Billing Information

Please supply your current name and your household's current address. You will be set up as the Primary Member for this household. Please supply alternate billing information if necessary, it must match what appears on your monthly credit card statement and you will not have another chance to modify it.

Mailing Address
Other adults on your CSA Share? Add the names and emails of the people splitting your share.

CSA Options

Please complete the following set of choices. They will help us determine your remaining CSA dues total, as well as helping us to plan the running of the CSA for the current season

Is this your first year as a CSA Shareholder?

Pickup Day

This will be your day for the whole season. Pick ups are at the farm (across the street from Saul High School: 7100 Henry Ave, 19128)

Share Size and Discounts

Shares come in two sizes, small and large. A small share generally consists of 5-6 units of vegetables, and is recommended for two people. A large share consists of the same vegetables as a small share, but is twice as large, consisting of 10-12 units, and is recommended for four people. A unit is similar to what you would typically buy at a grocery store. For instance one unit could be a bunch of carrots or a head of lettuce.

Small Shares
Large Shares

Donate to Weavers Way Community Programs (WWCP)

Founded in 2006, Weavers Way Community Programs (WWCP) is the non-profit arm of Weavers Way Co-op. While the Co-op runs the business of the CSA and manages all farm production, WWCP uses the farm for experiential learning and farm-related education programs. Educational activities include curriculum-based and hands-on learning activities, exploration of the farm, and opportunities to taste and cook nutritious foods. The cost of your share offsets the expenses associated with farm operations. To support the educational programs provided by WWCP and to ensure students have the opportunity to grow, harvest, and eat the same produce grown for your share, please consider supporting WWCP. Donate online or learn more here.

Additionally, you can opt into our High Five! program, in which you donate an additional 5% of your pre-discounted share price to WWCP.

Working Share Extraordinaire (5% + $100 discount)

We offer a limited number of shares at a $100 discount in exchange for a minimum of 2 hours of work every week of the CSA season.

Staggered Payments

You can make your payments in three monthly installments. A $100 deposit is still necessasry to reserve your share. Complete payment must be fulfilled by July 31st, 2014.


Note: This signup page is only for people who do not yet have an account on the Online Member Center. If you have an Online Member Center account (which you do if you were a CSA shareholder last year), please login first.

I understand that payment of a share entitles me to a weekly pick-up of fresh, chemical-free produce harvested at the farm at Saul High School or the Weavers Way, Mort Brooks Memorial Farm at the Awbury Arboretum. I understand that I am sharing the risks that come with the growing season (including weather, insects, crop diseases, etc.) with the other shareholders and the farmers. I understand that the size and duration of my share is dependent on these variables. It is my responsibility to pick up my share on the day and time specified. I understand that my payment is non-refundable. I agree that if I do not fulfill my work commitment by the end of the 2014 CSA season, I will pay the remaining 5% balance on my share to cover necessary labor costs. Total Share Dues Balance Share Dues Payment