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Equity Investment

Membership at Weavers Way requires a minimum $30 equity investment per year until you reach the cap of $400, at which time you no longer need to make investments. The great thing about equity is that it's an investment in your Co-op, not a fee for membership - you can always get back what you have invested if you choose to leave the Co-op.

*$30 is the minimum annual investment. In order to reach the $400 equity cap sooner, you are free to invest more. A fully invested member is no longer required to make equity investments.

Member Application

Become a member immediately, eligible for all member benefits and discounts, by completing this short application and making your first equity investment.
Upon submission (by clicking the "Submit Application" button below), you will be forwarded to an online payment page, where you will make your equity investment. Once that process is complete, you will be returned to this site, where you can log into the Online Member Center using your username and a temporary password.

Membership & Billing Information

Please provide the following information as it appears on your credit card statement. This information will be used to validate your online credit card payment and you will not have another chance to modify the information.

Primary Cooperator / Membership Information
Billing Address (supply only if different)
Please list all additional members of your household (including children 16 and under)

Beneficiary Information

In the event of the Primary Member's death, a household's equity will pass to the next adult in the household. If there are no other adults in the household, equity will pass to the designated beneficiary. While having a beneficiary is not required, it is recommended. If you choose, you may designate Food Moxie, our non-profit arm, as your household's beneficiary, by specifying "Food Moxie" in the Name of Beneficiary field below.


You can pay as little as $30 each year, or you can pay in larger installments. You can also pay the entire $400 now.
As a cooperative enterprise, we depend upon member economic participation. Member equity is critical to our success. It provides valuable business capital that is invested in all aspects of our operations.
I understand that payment entitles me to weekly access to the you-pick section at the Henry Got Crops site of Weavers Way Farm. I understand that I am sharing the risks that come with the growing season (including weather, insects, crop diseases, etc.) with the other shareholders and the farmers. I understand that the size and duration of my share is dependent on these variables. I understand that my payment is non-refundable.

Equity Amount